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Manuel Stein

CEO @ Subsequent

Dr. Manuel Stein is CEO of Subsequent, a novel company for real-time skeleton data extraction and innovative movement analysis based on simple video recordings. Subsequent works in various domains such as sports, home-fitness as well as rehabilitation. In football, Manuels works concentrates on the analysis of player movement with the goal of understanding cooperative and competitive behavior with the help of visual data analysis. Manuel holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Konstanz, where he lead the internal research groups for sports analysis and high-dimensional data analysis.

Football through the eyes of the computer

In my presentation, I will use football as an example to introduce our approach of tracking and analyzing real-time skeleton movement data. I will talk about the steps we perform (as well as the challenges we needed to overcome in the past) and how our developments in artificial intelligence get together with the goals of the coaching team and the analysts we cooperate with in day-to-day match analysis. My presentation will include my vision and interpretation of how football analysis needs to be performed now and in the coming years.