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Clemens Kamm

Head of Artificial Intelligence @ XCYDE

Clemens Kamm studied computer science at the Technical University of Munich and finished his master’s degree in 2018. Afterwards, he joined XCYDE. An emergent start-up thriven to create one of the standard visualization software’s for real estate in the DACH region. There he started working among other things on the development of a floor plan conversion tool to generate 3D models out of plain images.

Floor Plan Digitalization—How Machine Learning Can Help us to Create Virtual Buildings in Minutes

One of the first steps of making visualization for real estates is to create a virtual model. Often, this means that the artist must use plain floor plans and manually model the walls, windows, doors and all the other small details of the building. A tedious and time-consuming task. Therefore, we at XCYDE started working on a tool to automate the creation of the virtual model. Using machine learning, we wanted to enable anybody to create a 3D model of their homes in minutes. In this talk, we how how far we have come, what challenges we came across and what is still ahead.