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Jürgen Brauer

Professor @ Hochschule Kempten

Jürgen Brauer teaches at the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten / Germany, among other things, the module "Deep Learning" for students in the Computer Science master program.

After his studies of Computer Science at the Universities of Trier and Bonn, he built humanoid robots for the RoboCup (Team NimbRo) at the University of Freiburg, developed a medical software framework at CAESAR, worked as a software developer at the medical start-up SICAT, and deepened his knowledge in the field of computer vision during his PhD studies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), while at the same time working at Fraunhofer IOSB on various projects in the field of image processing with a focus on machine learning.

How Good are State-of-the-Art Object Detectors (YOLO v4)?

Detecting objects in camera images: This used to be a very difficult computer vision task. In the last few years a lot has changed there. But how good are today's object detectors really? Let's take a look at the example of YOLO version 4.