Speaker Details

Bernard Sonnenschein

Co-Founder & Chief Editor @ Datenbusiness

Bernard is a theoretical Physicist who made his PhD in Computational Neuroscience in 2015. Since then he has been working in industry as a Data Scientist. Before becoming self-employed in 2018 he was building and leading the Data Science Team at InfluencerDB, a Startup focused on analyzing Instagram for the purpose of Influencer Marketing. Data- and strategy-driven decision making came natural to Bernard already in 2007, when he started playing online poker on the side. For many years to come, he would compete and coach up to high stakes. Bernard is the host of the Datenbusiness podcast, where he interviews german-speaking leaders on various topics around data value creation.

Learnings from 40 Heads of Data Looking Behind the Scenes

While each and every industry has its own challenges when it comes to data value creation, there are also many similarities and opportunities to learn from each other. In this talk we will summarize some of the key insights obtained from 40 Heads of Data talking about their business, from e-commerce to finance, from cybersecurity to machine manufacturing and beyond.